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Delivering Peace of Mind

Eugene Sanitized Express provides a health-first approach to product pick-up and delivery services. We are focused on providing a safe and secure experience for those needing every precaution taken for the sake of their own health, or those around them. We offer product pick-up, an in-depth topical cleaning and sanitization, and delivery guaranteed within the same day.


About Eugene Sanitized Express

Professionalism. Sanitization. Care.

Our company was founded after we recognized a severe lack in guaranteed, sanitary delivery services available for those needing it most within our local community of Eugene, Oregon. Whether you're a senior who's scared to compromise your own health, or a parent who just wants to take every precaution for the sake of their family's health; we're here to help!

How are we different?
-We wear N95 masks at all time while working

-latex surgical gloves are worn by all employees,

-we use a high quality sanitization spray to wipe down all products prior to their delivery.

-we have a sanitization facility for cleaning larger items prior to their delivery. 

Sanitizing Products

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